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(1) I have a hard time trying to understand the aesthetics of Jeremy Scott’s creations. I simply cannot understand how he can churn out utter rubbish and still stay in mainstream business while other better designers are shutting down their labels. It seems to me that in his efforts to take a fun approach towards fashion, he is ultimately disrespecting it with the lack of thoughts in his creations. Every season, he purposely puts himself out there to be stoned by observers, and it does seem that he tries to be the worst label each season. One season was Kermit, and now, it’s the Flinstones. I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt previously as I had thought that there’s some substance in him despite all his rubbish, but as of right now, that is all his creations are, a pile of rubbish.

(2) Whatever happened to Josh Goot? His pieces doesn’t seem fresh and re-imagined. Just nostalgically bad and rehashed from the 80s. I’m also not big on how he mixes his colours together, as they just seem off, especially in the first few pieces. And his monochromatic patterns are indeed seizure inducing agents, as I got a headache after staring at them for 5 seconds. Imagine that on the streets, and there’s gonna be accidents.

(3) Luella is back to her cutesy form, but what I miss is f/w 08 Luella, where I adored those gothic-influenced dresses. For me, that was the Luella moment, because the setting was just right, the make-up was perfect, and cast was just nice and the whole collection flowed. Now I feel a little diabetic looking at her overkill of cutesy creations, but hey, at least Anna Wintour was there!

(4) AQUASCUTUM is having internal conflict, and that is why there are trench coats in their collection. Or at least that’s what I tell myself.


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September 23, 2009 at 3:30 pm

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