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For me, Victoria Beckham is perhaps one of the most credible celebrity designer out there right now. It’s no secret that some pieces of her collection are a dead-ringer to some other established designers out there, but the thing is, she knows what women wants and she tries to emulate that. The construction of the pieces are impecabbly tailored, so you won’t see no hemlines jutting out. And her pieces airs sophistication, which some other celebrity designers (yes Whitney Eve!) just can’t bring to the table.

And critics can say whatever they want about the collection, but with Victoria, it’s her way or the highway. Her motto for her line is clothes that she would wear, and true to that form, she’s been seen everywhere with it. It’s marketing stratergy which has worked, now that she’s got fellow celebrities wearing her clothes, and not feel ashamed about it.

You can’t say the same thing with LC can you?

[image: tfs]


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September 14, 2009 at 3:33 pm

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